Arutz Sheva met DS Choi, CEO of Samsung Israel, at an event in which the company inaugurated its new Ultra notebook series.

Choi, who has been in Israel for about two years, spoke about Israel’s place in the high tech market, as he sees it.

“In terms of high tech and premium products, the Israeli market’s GDP per capita is higher than other countries in this region,” he said. “So, there is a good match with our aim for premium products.”

Choi added, “I understood that Jewish people are practical when they buy a product. We provide them with products that are more user-friendly.”

On a different note, Choi spoke positively of the different types of sceneries one can see in Israel, from lots of water in the Kinneret to the desert-like climate in the south.

“I’ve been from down in Be’er Sheva to all corners of Israel,” he said. “The different sceneries are very nice.”