IAF Counterstrike (Gaza)
IAF Counterstrike (Gaza) Israel news photo: Flash 90

IAF aircraft struck several targets in Gaza on Sunday night, according to a report on Kol Yisrael radio.

The report, which cited the IDF Spokesperson, said that the aircraft hit a weapons manufacturing warehouse in northern Gaza. As well, the aircraft also attacked four rocket launching sites in northern Gaza, and a fifth rocket launching site in southern Gaza.

Shortly after the attacks, sirens sounded in Be'er Sheva, indicating that rockets were once again being fired at the city. At least two rockets were fired, according to reports, and the Iron Dome defense system intercepted one of them. There were no reports of physical injuries or damages.

The IAF's attacks come after terrorists fired more than 50 missiles on southern Israel throughout the day on Sunday. One of the missiles from Gaza struck the courtyard of an empty school in Be’er Sheva. Another rocket damaged 15 houses. The city’s order to close all schools saved possible mass casualties.

Following an assessment Sunday evening by top defense officials, it was decided to keep schools in Israel’s south closed on Monday. The decision applies to all schools and daycare centers located between 7 and 40 kilometers of Gaza.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu pointed the finger at Iran in ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza, telling Likud ministers, “The fire from Gaza is an Iranian problem, not a Palestinian problem.”

Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned Sunday that the attacks may continue for several days.