Purim 'Mishloach Manot' in Ramat Beith Shemes
Purim 'Mishloach Manot' in Ramat Beith Shemes Israel news screenshot: Arutz Sheva

Arutz Sheva visited Ramat Beit Shemesh, southwest of Jerusalem, to record how traditional Purim “Mishlaoch Manot” portions were distributed as part of the Tzohar-ZAKA project. Those giving the portions and those receiving them included religious Zionist, hareidi and secular residents.. 

“We identify each other all year by what people wear, where they live and how they believe” said the organizers of the event. “The masks we wear on Purim actually remove the exteriors and reveal the simple truth: We are one People, and the giving of Mishloach Manot opens up honest communication that can continue the entire year.”

Mishloach Manot are the gifts of at least ready to eat foods traditionally given to friends and neighbors on the Purim holiday, a commandment that symbolizes the unity of the Jews in deliverance from Haman.

Former Americans praised the project – as well as Arutz Sheva – and expressed their wishes that everyone should come to Israel – and love it.