Israeli tomatoes
Israeli tomatoes Israel news photo: Flash 90

During the Fresh AgroMashov 2012 exhibition, recently held in the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, plans were exposed for a new government-supervised, wholesale Israeli market.

The new market is meant to change the way fruit and vegetables in Israel are marketed. The wholesale market will promote competition and increase the efficiency of the marketing system, significantly lower the differences in mediation in favor of the consumer, and will contribute to raising the level of transparency of prices.

“The main aim of this market,” explained Hezi Ben-Sira of Israeli Wholesale Market Ltd., “is to enhance supervision of standard, quality and prices in the changing market of perishable products in Israel.”

He added, “What we want to build is an effective center where products will be supervised, and to create meeting points between products and customers.”

Ben-Sira said that the market is also meant to be a tourist attraction, but that will come at a later stage.

“For the time being, we want to build a place where producers can be sure that their product will be handled in a very honest manner under governmental supervision,” he said. “They will receive what they are entitled to receive and consumers, on the other side, will also have fair prices.”

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