Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iran's Mahmoud AhmadinejadReuters

Middle East expert Dr. Guy Bechor, head of Middle East Studies at the Interdiciplinary College of Herzliya, spoke on Wednesday at a conference of principals of religious schools at the Dead Sea, where he addressed some of the issues currently  affecting Israel.

Bechor addressed the Iranian issue, saying that the sanctions against the Islamic Republic will help in the battle against its nuclear program. He said that March will be a crucial month for the sanctions, if the European Union approves the request to cut off the Iranian banks from the rest of the world, a move which has already been approved by the U.S. Senate.

He also said that he is convinced that Iran has been working to become nuclear for the past twenty years, but that it knows that nuclear weapons will mean the end of the Iranian regime.

“The Iranians will think a million times before reaching a nuclear bomb,” said Bechor. “The nuclear issue in recent years was inflated by interested parties. Iran is concerned about achieving a nuclear bomb.”

Bechor also expressed his opposition to the possibility of a peace deal between Israel and Syria which will include an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights and said, “If Israel withdraws from the Golan Heights, Assad will shortly afterwards settle the area with a million people, who will take the land and from there will proceed to the Galilee.”

He noted that Saudi Arabia earns a billion dollars from its oil industry, but would not be prepared to contribute to the Palestinian Authority since it literally cannot abide the PA Arabs.

“Israel is the only country which funds its enemy as it transfers funds to Gaza each month like clockwork," said Bechor.

He added, “The Palestinians have been in a very difficult situation since 1948. Gaza against Judea and Samaria, Fatah against Hamas, and a conflict within Hamas. And the Palestinian issue is longer at the heart of the Arab disputes, and even the Arab world is less interested in them.”