Ketzaleh Israel news photo: Flash 90

National Union Chairman Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) had no warm words for outgoing Supreme Court President Dort Beinisch Tuesday. He predicted that Beinisch's retirement would eventually enable the reversal of the High Court ruling that closed down Arutz Sheva's popular radio station in 2003.

"In Jewish tradition it is written – 'a person must say a blessing over bad things just as he says it over the good things,'" MK Katz said Tuesday at B'sheva Magazine's Ninth Jerusalem Conference.

"For years, Beinisch has waged wars against sacred values: Judea and Samaria, Arutz Sheva, the Shin Bet, [the IDF in relation to] Sabra and Shatila and many other subjects. She took the unimportant point and made it the central one.

"All of the IDF's successes are despite Beinisch. All of the diverse settlement in Judea and Samaria – is despite Beinisch. A judge who was not elected to rule the country, appropriated the power to rule the country, cancelled important laws, marked a target and then fired the arrows. 

"She took the law into her own hands. Who gave her permission? She was not elected.  

"The Supreme Court is not permitted to strike down laws that the elected representatives of the people decided upon. Not only this," he predicted, "all of the laws that the Supreme Court canceled will come back to life, including [the law that allowed the operation of] Arutz Sheva, for which we will receive compensation for all of the suffering we have experienced over the years."

Ketzaleh referred to the so-called Grunis Law, which he had authored, which made it possible for Judge Asher Grunis to replace Beinisch. "After the ratification of the Grunis Law, a fundamental change has taken place, as Haaretz wrote," he said. "The Supreme Court no longer decides who will be [its] president and who will be a judge – rather, the Knesset, the representatives of the people, decide this. This is the greatest victory."