Israel will free Khader Adnan at the end of his administrative detention period, after the baker’s hunger strike won world sympathy. However, in a video, the Islamic Jihad spokesman is shown pleading for suicide bombers to “carry the next explosive belt.”

The IDF released the video, taken at a funeral of a suicide bomber in 2007 -- but YouTube banned it, apparently because of the radical incitement. Arutz Sheva asked the IDF to upload it again, and if it does not show, it is probably because YouTube again has banned it.

Israeli authorities arrested Adnan in December and placed him in administrative detention, a procedure used against Arabs and Jews, but which has been challenged by human rights activists because no formal charges are filed. Administration detention was regularly used against Jews protesting the expulsion from Gush Katif, including female minors who were jailed for weeks without any media uproar.

Adnan decided to stage a hunger strike, resulting in a frail condition that won the hearts and minds of mainstream media and particularly Richard Falk, “United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights," who has campaigned against Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria and its war on terror.

In the video, Adnan asked the crowd of mourners for a suicide terrorist, “Who among you will carry the next explosive belt? Who among you will fire the next bullets? Who among you will have his body parts blown all over?”

Falk apparently was not impressed. He responded on Al Jazeera after Israel said it would free Adnan in two months, criticizing the Jewish State.

After condemning the procedure of administrative detention, a procedure that also is used by the United States, Falk castigated Israel for lack of compassion for the Islamic Jihad spokesman.

“There was not even the slightest show of respect for the dignity of Mr. Adnan's long hunger strike or sympathy for the acute suffering that accompanies such a determined foregoing of food for an extended period,” Falk wrote.

He continued, “Of course, Israeli ultra-hardliners went further in the same direction, referring to Mr. Adnan as ‘a terrorist’ despite the vagueness of official allegations that never made such a claim - instead contending that Adnan constituted what an official in Tel Aviv described as ‘a threat to regional security,’ whatever that might mean….

“Israelis call Mr. Adnan ‘a terrorist’ without charges or proof. He is most often described more neutrally by those knowledgeable about his role and activities as a spokesperson for Islamic Jihad. There is no indication in his past or present that he was involved in violence, or even advocated it.

“Mr. Adnan's prior arrests stemmed from militant peaceful demonstrations that landed him in Israeli jails eight times, and induced him to undertake shorter hunger strikes on three previous occasions, one as recently as 2010. From what we can tell, Mr. Adnan is a committed activist who has associated himself with Islamic Jihad, but works on a daily basis as a baker and maintains an admired strong family role.”