Rebuilding Mitzpeh Avichai
Rebuilding Mitzpeh Avichai Rivkah Rybak

Some 250 activists travelled from Kiryat Arba to Mitzpe Avichai on Tuesday in order to rebuild the community that was demolished a little over a month ago.

Kiryat Arba resident Benzi Gofstein said the event was to demonstrate that residents "will not give up on the land."

MK Michael Ben Ari (National Union) who also participated in Tuesday’s excursion, said "the Netanyahu government's destruction cannot cow our brave pioneers."

Police officials confirmed that "about 250 people gathered at the former site of Mitzpe Avichai and broke through the fence into a closed military zone. Some settlers arrived on the scene with building materials. Police and border police arrived to enforce the standing military order."

Police say that during their attempt to prevent activists from rebuilding the community some of the officers were attacked.  One suspects was subdued with pepper spray and arrested.

Another suspect was detained on suspicion inciting the activists to violate the order and to attack police.

Yehudah Hoshen, a former resident of Mitzpe Avichai, told Arutz Sheva that the Mitzpe Avichai rebuilding plan is "a part of a network of outposts that will be rebuilt despite having been destroyed. We want to show the government that displacement is not a viable solution."

Hoshen said that the families of Mitzpe Avichai do not shy away from rebuilding houses that were once destroyed, and may be destroyed again.

"It's really hard to rebuild a house over and over," Hoshen said. "But thank God, the people of Israel have become involved and help. God is with us and giving us aid and support every day."

Hoshen says children who went through the Mitzpe Avichai eviction are still having difficulties. "They are still afraid to see police officers. We try to prepare them for these situations. But sometimes families have to take a break from it."