Cry No More
Cry No MoreIsrael news photo: Courtesy

New Jersey resident Yaakov Shwekey is undoubtedly one of the superstars of hasidic music in our time.

After having filled the amphitheater in Caesarea several times, Shwekey is preparing to return to Israel this summer for another round of public performances.

This week, Shwekey launched a new album, “Cry No More”. The title track of the album, which was produced by Yochi Briskman, also has a special video clip, which Shewkey launched on his official website,

The clip evokes many emotions as it combines the pain of the disengagement from Gaza, the trauma of terrorism and the photos of the return of Gilad Shalit to Israel. The part that perhaps stands out above all in the clip is the reference to the Iranian nuclear threat.