Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand Israel news photo: Flash 90

Thai officials said the botched Bangkok bomb plot was meant for “foreign nationals,” specifically the ambassador and other Israeli diplomats.

A three-man Iranian terrorist cell organized the plot, which was foiled when some of the bombs exploded in their rented hotel room in central Bangkok.

After the initial “work accident” in their hotel room, a Bangkok police bomb squad found other bombs and explosives at the scene. National Security Council secretary general Wichean Potephosree told Bangkok media that the bombs were meant for individual targets.

Two of the three terrorists are in police custody, including one who was nabbed at the interational airport before he could board his flight.

Police said they have no evidence that links the explosions with the Hizbullah-linked terrorist who was arrested last month on suspicion of possessing explosives, which were intended to be smuggled to an unknown foreign destination.

The incident occurred one day after twin attacks on Israeli diplomats in Georgia, where the attack failed, and India, where the wife of an Israeli diplomat, the driver of her car and two passengers in a nearby vehicle suffered injuries.

Israel has accused Iran of being behind all of the attacks, and the apparent spread of international terrorism aimed at Israeli has sparked a worldwide alert near Israeli and Jewish offices, homes, business and institutions.

Iran not only denied the charges but initially accused Israel of attacking its own diplomats as part of a libel campaign against Iran. The Islamic Republic later changed its view, and said the "Zionists" have plenty of enemies who could have carried out the attacks.

Israeli intelligence officials have given prior warning to foreign countries, including India and Thailand, on suspected terror threats in their countries. The Hindustan Times reported that Israeli officials gave India a list of approximately 50 Iranians who should be kept under surveillance for suspected terror plots.

Israeli experts flew to India to help local intelligence officials and police investigate the attack on the Israeli diplomat’s car, which was attacked with a magnetic bomb similar to that used to assassinate nuclear scientists in Iran the past two years.