Synagogue dedicated at Mitzpe Yitzhar
Synagogue dedicated at Mitzpe Yitzhar Israel news photo: Mirkam Studio

Hundreds of residents of Shomron (Samaria) celebrated on Sunday the dedication of a Torah scroll and synagogue in the community of Mitzpe Yitzhar.

The ceremony comes nearly two months after security forces tore down two structures deemed illegal at the community in an early morning raid.

One the homes that were demolished belonged to Sarah and Yair Shalom, who were about to celebrate their wedding. Immediately following the demolition the residents of Mitzpe Yitzhar decided to rebuild the home and at the same time build the synagogue which will also serve as a yeshiva.

The synagogue will be names Ner David after of Rabbi David Bar-Chen of blessed memory. The ceremony was attended by the head the Shomron Regional Council head Gershon Mesika, who was given the honor of affixing the mezuzah at the entrance to the synagogue.

Photos below courtesy of Mirkam Studio