Mitt Romney seems to have scored another win in the race for the Republican presidential nomination: CNN is projecting that Romney will win Saturday’s Nevada Republican presidential caucuses.

With ten percent of the results in, Romney had about 48 percent of the vote while Rep. Ron Paul and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich were in a tight race for second with 21 percent and 20 percent of the vote, respectively. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum had 11 percent of the vote, according to CNN. The numbers were gathered from vote counters at caucus sites across the state.

A win in Nevada would make Romney the first GOP candidate in this cycle to score back-to-back wins.

Romney appeared to win in the Iowa caucuses but the contest was later awarded to Santorum when the vote was certified. He then scored a big win in New Hampshire but was defeated in South Carolina by Gingrich. His last win was in Tuesday’s Florida primary. On Thursday Romney received an endorsement from Donald Trump, who earlier had considered running himself.

CNN noted that polls leading up to the vote had shown Gingrich trailing far behind Romney. At one point in the wake of a poor showing in the Florida primary, Gingrich advisers said he would basically concede the state and look down the road to more friendly states which vote in the March 6 Super Tuesday contests. He ultimately chose to campaign in Nevada.

Meanwhile, Nevada Rep. Joe Heck, who has been closely allied with Romney since his 2008 presidential bid, said the results of the caucuses should be a wake up call for Gingrich.

CNN quoted Heck as telling reports he hopes Gingrich “takes the message that it’s time to withdraw gracefully and not continue to divide the party.”