Fogel murderer praised
Fogel murderer praised Screenshot

Twice this week, Palestinian Authority official television broadcast warm greetings from the mother of Hakem Awad, who butchered five members of one family, to her son. The mother, as well as an aunt of Awad, spoke by telephone on "For You," a show that specializes in messages to terror prisoners, Palestinian Media Watch reported.

Hakem Awad's mother explained that she could not visit her son "for security reasons," and the show's hostess replied – "go ahead, my sister, we can transmit your voice."

The mother greeted her "dear son" and specified that he was serving five life sentences for the "Itamar operation" – a home invasion in last year in which Hakem Awad and a cousin murdered a father, mother and three children aged 11, 4 and two months.

Hakem Awad's aunt also went on air and greeted "the hero, the legend," Hakem Awad. The hostess joined the greetings and said: "We also say hello to them."

Other members of the Awad family mentioned by the Awad women assisted in the murders and in covering up evidence.