Natan Eshel
Natan EshelIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Attorney General and Government Legal Counsel Yehuda Weinstein decided Sunday that suspicions against Natan Eshel, the Head of the Prime Minister's Bureau, will not be turned over to the police.

Instead, the allegations will be looked into by the Civil Service Commission.  

Weinstein's decision was made despite pressure by Israel's press to force Eshel's resignation.

The Ministry of Justice stated that there is, for the time being, no justification or cause for straying from the accepted norms in handling the case. Therefore, Weinstein decided, along with other Justice Ministry officials, to forego a criminal investigation and turn the matter over to the Civil Service Commission.

Eshel is suspected of improper behavior toward R., who works in the PMO as well. She has been told that she must testify before the Civil Service Commission. R. has refused to file a complaint against Eshel.