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Under-Dos logoIsrael news photo: Courtesy of Under-Dos

Meet Under-Dos, a Jewish orthodox comedy group which specializes in irreverent sketches on aspects of Jewish life that are hilariously and immediately recognizable to "insiders", that is, religious Jews. "Dos" is an Israeli slang term for someone who is religiously observant.

“Our sketches are religiously oriented,” group member Yair Ya’akobi told Arutz Sheva. “This means we take every day situations from the typical religious milieu, we try to take them to extremes and see what happens.”

Ya’akobi emphasized that while many comedy groups essentially make fun of religion, Under-Dos makes sure not to push the limit and not to make fun of the values in which its members and religious viewers believe, but just of the situations that can arise in their lives.

“What we try to do is to be 100% kosher, because it’s easy to push the limits and then you find yourself making fun of the values that you stand for, and we really don’t want that,” he said. “We just look at things from different angles and with a wink.”

“This started as a hobby,” added Ya’akobi. “This is something we really like to do and we felt it was missing. We started rolling it and I can’t say we’re surprised by the success we’ve had so far but it did come very fast, so we learned that what we’re doing is something that people are looking for and people want to see more of.”

Under-Dos currently works with a low budget, using one camera and basic sound equipment, but hopes in the future to upgrade its equipment and improve the quality of its videos.

Ya’akobi said the group’s main goal is just to make people laugh.

“Of course, there’s also a side benefit if we can get a message through [to the audience],” he said. “It’s not what we intentionally try to do, but if people are actually getting a message we’re very happy with that too.”