Vegetable prices rose in December
Vegetable prices rose in December Israel news photo; Flash 90

Most Israelis did not get raises from their bosses at their jobs in 2011 – but their bills were higher at home, according to government statistics released this week. Figures for the past year revealed price hikes in many areas of basic living, including utilities, housing and transportation.

According to data from the Central Burea of Statistics, the price of electricity rose by 13 percent, and gasoline cost 7.3 percent more by the end of the year as well.

The average cost of rental housing jumped by 4.3 percent.

By the same token, the cost of fresh produce dropped considerably overall, although in December, there was a hike in the price of vegetables.

Reductions in 2011 were noted in the price of fresh fruit – a drop of 14.4 percent – and in the price of vegetables, by 11 percent. Specifically in the month of December, however, the price of vegetables rose by 5.7 percent.

There were overall price reductions in 2011 for white “cream” cheese (14.6 percent) – primarily due to a consumer boycott of Tnuva – as well as in the cost of poultry (5.4 percent).

In addition, the cost of computers, sound systems, Internet services and automobiles dropped as well.

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