Arabs on Egypt border
Arabs on Egypt border Israel news photo: Flash 90

Renowned Arab affairs expert Dr. Guy Bechor told Arutz Sheva Sunday that there is no reason for undue alarm at the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt's elections. The peace treaty with Israel is on no real danger, he said.

The Islamists "have no solution" for Egypt's woes, he explained. "They lack the abilities and connections" to solve the country's problems and therefore, he predicted, "the patience will wear out in a few weeks and riots will begin soon." Hundreds of thousands of citizens are expected to protest on Wednesday, he added, in expectation of "magic solutions that no one possesses."

"They live off of American money," Bechor elaborated. "They have no option of canceling the peace treaty. The Suez Canal is floundering, sometimes it is open and sometimes it is closed. Tourism is not arriving. This is a country in bankruptcy."

The Egyptian military depends on U.S. aid, said the expert, and Iran cannot be a substitute for the U.S. since the Muslim Brotherhood sees it as an enemy and could not turn to it for help. Russia, too, has too many internal problems to help others, he said.

Israel needs to seal the border with Egypt and arm itself, he said. "That is all." 

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