Missile strike on Gaza terrorists
Missile strike on Gaza terrorists Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Israeli Air Force struck a terrorist cell in Gaza on the Sabbath following a mortar shelling attack on the Western Negev and another attempt to plant bombs at the security fence.

The IDF said aircraft score a direct hit on the terrorists, but Hamas claimed no one was injured.

An Israeli army spokesperson added that the shelling at the Eshkol Regional Council, adjacent to Gaza, caused no property damage or injuries.

Hamas and other terrorist cells have attacked Israel with at least several rockets and mortar shells the past three weeks. There also have been numerous attempts to plant bombs intended to blow up army jeeps on the patrol route next to the Gaza security fence. Last week, aircraft and tanks killed at least two terrorists who were planting bombs.

Hamas claimed that the men actually were civilians who were setting traps to catch birds.

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