Ambassadors tour Kfar Chabad
Ambassadors tour Kfar ChabadIsrael news photo: Berl Shiner

The British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, and the British Ambassador to Jordan, Peter Millett, visited Kfar Chabad this week.

Upon their arrival, the ambassadors and their wives toured the Kfar Chabad synagogue, where they received an explanation about the building and were amazed when they heard it was completed in 33 days. They then watched videos and heard about the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s leadership, influence and teachings.

The entourage then went on a tour of the village, visiting the local radiator factory, where they were surprised to see white-bearded rabbis running an industrial plant, and the beehives of the Schneerson family, where they tasted a honey challah and met a local family. They were also given a special leather-bound book of Psalms with their name engraved in gold letters.

Following the tour, the ambassadors attended a dinner, during which the Chabadniks told them about the Rebbe’s opinions and attitudes about Israel and about the right way to ensure peace in the country and around the world. The ambassadors listened eagerly, noting that it was the first time they heard the Chabad world view in such a clear way.

The visit ended with a joint desire to continue and strengthen the ties between the Chabad movement and the ambassadors.