IDF soldiers
IDF soldiers Israel news photo: IDF website

IDF soldiers saved a 73-year-old Palestinian Authority Arab man with a severe heart condition on Tuesday, Channel 2 News reported.

The man reportedly came to the Central Command’s Aryeh base, where the soldiers discovered that due to his heart problem he had developed a very severe lung edema. As soon as he arrived, the base guard called the medical team who treated him immediately.

“When we arrived we saw a man lying in a car, barely conscious, and put him into the military ambulance,” Captain Hezi Shemaya, the area’s chief medical officer, told Channel 2 News. “The Arabs know that they will get better medical treatment from us than from their own ambulances - it already has become a phenomenon.”

The paramedics were able to stabilize the man and then took him to the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem. Captain Shemaya stressed, “We don’t look at who is coming but rather at his condition. We will continue to treat all passersby who need help, regardless of their religion, race or sex.”

IDF troops helping Arabs is not a new phenomenon. A few months ago, the IDF rescued an Arab woman and her baby daughter after they received medical care in Israel and then were caught in a Hamas mortar shell attack on the Erez Crossing to northern Gaza.

Another such example involved IDF reservists helped a Palestinian Authority man who had fallen from a cliff. When realizing conditions in the area prevented medical forces from reaching the man, an IAF rescue helicopter was dispatched and the wounded man was evacuated to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

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