IDF Patrol (Archive)
IDF Patrol (Archive)Israel news photo: Flash 90

Israeli forces detained 12 people in the Qalqiliya village of Azzun on Monday afternoon.

Among the detainees were prisoners recently released under the deal with Hamas to free Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the PA affiliated Maan News agency reported.

Israel released 1,027 terrorists to gain kidnapped Sgt. Major Gilad Shalit's release after five years in Hamas captivity.

Under the deal the terrorists were required to pledge not to return to terrorism. Israel has made numerous arrests for violating the pledges since the terrorists were released.

An Israeli army spokesman said IDF forces detained nine people in Azzun.

"We have them in for questioning together with the Shabaq," he added, referring to Israel’s domestic security service.

In late December, IDF closed all entrances to the northern Samaria village and conducted a house-to-house search after a terrorist who fired on an Israeli vehicle with a shotgun was seen fleeing there.

Qalqiliya, which has a reputation for being a terror haven, neighbors several near-by Jewish communities.