Hacker attack on Danny Ayalon's site
Hacker attack on Danny Ayalon's site Israel news photo: courtesy of MFA

Hackers tried to bring down the website of Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on Monday (January 9) but didn't manage to do much more than put a 30-minute dent in the site's defenses.

The attack followed Ayalon's forceful remarks over the weekend against cyber terrorism, and his warnings that Israel will retaliate against hacker attacks in the same way as it would against any terrorist attack.

Ayalon's site was back up and running normally within half an hour.

"They will not be able to stop my activities and work on behalf of Israel," the deputy Foreign Minister said in a statement. "Certainly not in cyberspace, where we have had recent successes on YouTube and Facebook. Cyberspace appears to be the new battlefield and our opponents will not be able to defeat us on this plane either," he added.

Ayalon publishes extensively online, where he has tens of thousands of followers on numerous social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Most recently the deputy Foreign Minister has seen a surge in clicks on his popular YouTube series, "The Truth About the Israel Palestinian Conflict," which has garnered nearly one million views worldwide.