Iran’s supposed successful long-range missile test Monday may have been a bluff by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“Iran does not have the technology to create intermediate or long-range inter-continental ballistic missiles, and it will not get such missiles any time soon,” Russian defense ministry spokesman Vadim Koval told the Interfax news agency.

If it was a trick by  Ahmadinejad, it wasn’t the only one his regime performed during Iran’s war games that excited the entire world. The Strait of Hormuz, which is the water passage for a  large amount of the world’ s oil and gas, was shut down for several hours because of the scheduled missile launch.

Debka reported, "For five hours Saturday, not a single warship, merchant vessel, or oil tanker ventured into the 30-mile wide Hormuz Strait, waiting to hear from Tehran that the test was over."                                                                           

Russia’s Ria Novosti news agency later said that the missile launch was postponed, despite Iran’s semi-official media excitement over the “successful” test.

Calling it a "media trick," Debka says Iran did exactly what it threatened to do earlier in the week, and effectively shut the Strait of Hormuz as easy “as drinking a glass of water."

Iran claimed it fired three missiles in a test Monday, one of them with a short range of approximately 20 miles and two that allegedly can reach Israeli and American bases in the region. However, the missiles’ range is only about 120 miles.