Cloudy future for Gaza fortune-telllers
Cloudy future for Gaza fortune-telllers Israel news screenshot: Latma

Hamas is virtually breaking fortune tellers' crystal balls in a crackdown on their profession, which the Islamic terrorist organization has declared illegal.

Naked mannequins and cigarette sellers also are being targeted, according to the Bethlehem-based Ma'an news agency.

It reporter that Hamas police forced 142 fortune-tellers to sign written statements averring that they would stop trying to predict the future and sell trinkets that are supposed to offer personal protection, which apparently did not work to keep them free from Hamas police.

The Muslim fundamentalist Hamas government also has banned naked mannequins and has forbidden men from selling women’s lingerie. Shop owners also have been warned not to post “indecent” advertising.

Cigarettes also now are taboo, which is good news for tunnel smugglers – and for Hamas, which takes a hefty tax on goods and merchandise shipped through underground tunnels from the Egyptian side of Rafiah.

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