Yossi Peled
Yossi Peled Israel news photo: Official site

Minister Yossi Peled reiterated on Monday his support for the Migron Bill, that would give young communities ("outposts") in Judea and Samaria immunity from destruction until a court reviews the residents' claims of ownership.

Peled’s comments came after Migron residents launched an online campaign in an attempt to save the community and which named him as one of the ministers who are undecided about whether to support legalizing the outposts.

The campaign called residents to help the ministers decide whether they are for or against the legislation and named three ministers as being undecided on how to vote. Those ministers were Education Minister Gideon Saar, Minister Michael Eitan, and Peled.

Peled told Arutz Sheva that during the memorial ceremony that was held in memory of former minister Rechavam Ze’evi several months ago, he made his position clear to the head of the Shomron Regional Council, Gershon Mesika.

“I told him that I support the law. I said so clearly,” said Peled.

Asked about the decision by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation to postpone by three months the vote on the law, Peled said that he also made his position clear during the committee’s meeting on the issue.

“This is my position and it will not change as long as the circumstances don’t change,” he said, adding that anyone who wants to understand the motivation behind the reason to postpone the vote should ask the person who asked for the postponement, i.e. Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Peled’s remarks were welcomed by the residents of Migron, who said that his support for the bill “adds to the support of many ministers and Knesset members of legislation and adds to understanding that this is now the only possible solution for Migron.”

The residents also apologized to Peled for wrongly including him in their online campaign to save the community.

“We are sorry if any aggravation was caused to Minister Peled by his being presented on the website as having misgivings about the law,” they told Arutz Sheva.

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