A Quebec city mayor, known for anti-Israel remarks, has gone even further and vehemently declared that Israel has not right to exist.

Huntingdon, Quebec Mayor Stéphane Gendron said on a television program that he hosts, that he enthusiastically supports a Montreal man, Amir Khadr, who called for a boycott of a store that sells Israeli clothes.

"I want to pay tribute to him for his boycott of the boutique... There were boycotts of South Africa, there were ad campaigns saying 'there is organized apartheid, we will stop buying products made in South Africa'. It was a long process, the regime collapsed.

“Unfortunately, Israel has not yet collapsed but I support the boycott…because products made ​​in Israel on land stolen from the Palestinians that is walled in, in an apartheid regime where they are cut off, it's very serious. And a country like that does not deserve to exist.”

In early November, Gendron charged on television that Israel was about to “bulldoze” people in order to build homes, In his words, “In revenge for the admission of Palestine to UNESCO, [Israel] decided to build 2,000 homes in areas that do not belong to them, the occupied territories, so they are going to bulldoze people, kill people, they will give them five minutes to get out and then they'll run people down with bulldozers. And Canada supports this."

Honest Reporting Canada said that after the episode, complaints were filed with the "V Television" management, which aired the program, and that it replied, "In order to avoid repeating a similar occurrence in the future, we have reiterated the need for the program to adhere to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council’s guidelines.”

Gendron was not reprimanded.

During the Second Lebanon War in 2006, Gendron called Israelis “modern-day Nazis” but later said he was referring to the government and not all Israeli citizens. He stood by his comparison to the Nazi regime.

In the middle of the Operation Cast Lead counterterrorist campaign against Hamas terrorists in Gaza in January 2009, Canada’s pro-Israel Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s support of Israel brought an insulting response from Gendron, who wrote him, “You are a shame for Canada; you are just disgusting; you have no clue of history and humanity.

“You are just a bandwagon follower of Israel, its racist Government, and the dumb president Bush and the Republican Party….

“Your position does not represent the majority of Canadians and you have no mandate to encourage the criminals of the Government of Israel.

“You act like Chamberlain dealing with Hitler before World War II. Just a plain blind sinister person, you are.”