Families of terror victims meet
Families of terror victims meetIsrael news photo: Hezki Ezra

The Almagor Terror Victims’ Organization sponsored a meeting of families of terror victims at the Ramat Rachel Hotel in Jerusalem on Monday.

The meeting was the first since the release in October of Gilad Shalit in exchange for 1,027 terrorists.

During the meeting, Almagor gave an award to Yossi Zur, Yossi Mendelevich and Ron Kehrmann. All three lost their children in a 2003 suicide bombing attack on a Haifa bus. The three men tried to prevent the release of the Shalit deal terrorists by filing a claim of compensation for damages in a civil court against the murderers of their children.

Almagor chairman Meir Indor said during the meeting, “Although we lost the battle and terrorists with blood on their hands were released, we won the battle for the public opinion.”

The guest of honor at the evening was MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) who said, “Our lesson from this difficult year is that it is not enough to catch terrorists if there is a government that has a revolving door policy. Terrorists with blood on their hands go to jail and are later released - this must stop.”

Eldad added, “We must fight against the surrender to terrorism because of justice and because of the law.”