Israel’s humanitarianism has reached new levels. It not only cares for the ailing wife of the mastermind of the Munich massacre but also allows foreign relatives to visit.

The wife of Abu Daoud, who urged his offspring to continue war against Israel, is being treated at Tel Aviv’s Assuta Hospital, according to Israel’s Channel 2 television. The hospital did not confirm or deny the report.

Daoud said before he died in Syria last year, “I cannot fight you any more, but my grandson will and his grandsons, too.” Eleven Israeli athletes died in the 1972 maasacre at the Olympic Games.

National Union Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad, who is a senior doctor, told Arutz Sheva that the terrorist’s wife “has a right to be treated anywhere in the world” if she is sick, but concerning allowing relatives to visit, “There is no need to get carried away.”

Two daughters from Ramallah and Jordan are at her bedside and a third daughter reportedly is on her way from Syria, despite Israel’s being a declared enemy of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

MK Eldad suggested that the relatives might exploit their visits and travel to Ramle or Yafo (Jaffa) to campaign for the “so-called “right of return” by which the Arab world demands the right of millions of foreign Arabs to immigrate to Israel based on the claim that they are offspring of former Arabs who fled Israel during the War for Independence.

MK Eldad said as a doctor, he has personally taken care of wounded terrorists, but said of Daoud, “He was a terrorist who died a natural death, but it would have been desirable if Israel had killed him one minute before he died.”