Appeal submitted against release of terrorist
Appeal submitted against release of terrorist Hezki Ezra

Meir Indor, head of the Almagor terror victims' group, warned Sunday that the 550 terrorists being released in the second round of the Shalit exchange are not "small fry" who committed light crimes. He said that 220 of the 550 are "heavy cases" and include terrorists who detonated explosives against their targets but failed to kill anyone.

Almagor's appeal against the release was filed with the assistance of Gloria Bierman, who dedicated the effort to the memory of her late husband, law professor Jacquin D. Bierman. 

"The United States would never negotiate with terrorists. It's a known fact and we in Israel should emulate their methods," she said. 

"We must keep dangerous terrorists in prison because all of our children are at risk. All of our grandchildren, all of our future is at risk, and we must protect Israel.  And we must maintain the system of law and justice. Although I believe in mercy – but mercy for terrorists is out of reach."

"This is impossible in the United States. Terrorists, or dangerous criminals, stay in prison. And for maximum sentences, not minimum. So I propose that you maintain law and order in an honorable way. And you protect the citizens of Israel. Protect their future. Our future. Because we are all one people. Even in the United States we are Jews."