Shalit on phone with family.
Shalit on phone with family. IDF Spokesman

The Israel Prison Service (IPS) uploaded the list of prisoners designated to be released in the second stage of the Gilad Shalit deal to its website on Wednesday.

From the time it was posted, there are 48 hours in which motions may be filed. The list includes the names of 550 terrorists.

Israel agreed to release 1,026 terrorists in exchange for Shalit, who was returned by Hamas in October. 477 terrorists were released at that time, in the first stage of the deal.

As of Thursday morning, the prisoners to be released in the second state will be notified of their pending release. The preliminary identification and medical checks stage will begin.

Afterwards, IPS personnel will escort the prisoners to either the Ayalon or Ofer prisons, where they will be concentrated.

The release is expected to take place on Sunday, tentatively in the evening hours, when prisoners at the Ofer and Ayalon prisons will leave for the Beituniya crossing and Gaza, respectively, the IPS said in a statement.

The list includes terrorist Salah Hamouri, who was arrested by Israel in 2005 on suspicion of trying to assassinate the spiritual leader of the Shas party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

The French government had requested that Hamouri, who has French citizenship, be released in the second part of the Shalit deal. Rabbi Yosef agreed to the release earlier this week.

To see the entire list in English, click here.  The phone number for the Ministry of Justice Director-General in order to obtain the list, further information about the prisoners and to submit applications oppose their release is 02-646-6801/3/4.