A Galilee-based Israeli company is beginning to take a large share of the American vitamin market with strictly kosher products.

Ambrosia-SupHerb, founded in 1986, is giving market leaders a run for their vitamins with products that are approved by “Badatz,” the hareidi religious kosher certification body.

“Some sources say that the growth in the kosher vitamins has surpassed kosher foods with as much as a 25 percent growth in just the last three years,” the American-based Kosher Today newsletter reported.

Ambrosia-SupHerb is Israel’s second largest vitamin company, operates its own farms for natural ingredients and specializes in the development, production and marketing of dietary supplements.    

The company’s factory is located in Upper Nazareth and specializes in complex formulations of coated tablets, herbal capsules, soft capsules and syrups. The factory includes 13 “white rooms” with temperature and air control at pharmaceutical production standards.

The company’s facility is located in a privately-owned farm in Tzippori, an agricultural village in northern Israel.

It cultivates some of the Biblical aromatic plants, such as “Ezov” (Marjorana syriaca) and Za’atar, both of which are widely used today in Israel as culinary herbs and as folk medicines.  

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