Uzi Landau
Uzi LandauYoni Kempinski

Minister of National Infrastructures Uzi Landau attacked Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch Sunday after she accused ministers and Knesset members of incitement against the Supreme Court. In a conversation with reporters Beinisch said that she had been specifically referring to Landau.

"Anyone who wants to know why the Supreme Court's status has declined should have listened to Judge Beinisch last week," said Landau. "She was later quoted as saying that the ongoing debate in the Knesset could bring us into a period like the 1930s in Nazi Germany."

Landau said that "a black flag of incitement waves over Beinisch's words." Beinisch used the exact phrase to describe the "incitement" against her and the Supreme Court. He called Beinisch's statement a "very serious" matter and "unprecedented."

News1's Yoav Yitzchak commented that while ministers Yaakov Ne'eman and Gilad Erdan have also been highly critical of the Supreme Court, they sit of the Committee for the Appointment of Judges and Beinisch wants to stay on good terms with them.