Fiamma Nirenstein
Fiamma Nirenstein Fiamma Nirenstein

The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (ICJP) on Tuesday called world parliaments to counter the threats to a stable Middle East.

Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein, who chairs the ICJP, made the comments in a statement she released in the wake of the recent IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear program and the newly announced “partnership” between Fatah and Hamas.

“The recently released International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report has revealed that Iran is at an advanced stage of nuclear weapon development,” Nirenstein said. “Due to the repeated threat against Israel and the Western world, and as Chairperson of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians, I would like to express my personal concern, and that of my fellow parliamentarians, for the latest developments in the Middle East.

“A nuclear Iran is a threat not only to Israel, but to the entire free world,” she added. “As the IAEA report explains, the current development of nuclear facilities under way in Iran is only explicable by their future usage on Shahab-3 missiles, already in Iranian possession. These missiles have the capability of reaching targets both in Israel and Western Europe. This technology, coupled with President Ahmadinejad’s oft proclaimed millenarian vision, restated on the podium of the United Nations, clearly indicates that the Western world is the sworn enemy of Iran.

Nirenstein also said, “In addition to the mounting Iranian threat, there has been an increase in highly aggressive Palestinian political activism that precludes any chance of restarting the peace process. Today, we are faced with the reality of reunification negotiations between Fatah and Hamas, an organization whose aim is to destroy the State of Israel. This is irreconcilable with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ repeated goal of establishing a Palestinian state side by side with the Jewish State of Israel.

“Furthermore, the Palestinians have recently taken hostile unilateral diplomatic steps, both in their attempt to become a full member of the United Nations and in their successful bid for full membership in UNESCO. By admitting the Palestinians as full members in the organization, UNESCO has added yet another piece to its steady policy of erasing the immemorial relationship of the Jewish people to its land – Israel.

“The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians believes that these new developments must weigh heavy on the minds of all international institutions and actors. We invite parliamentarians the world over to act against these threats to a balanced Middle East and the world order, tighten the sanctions against Iran and work for the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations without the participation of the terrorist group Hamas.” 

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