The annual Kinus (gathering) of Chabad Shluchim (emissaries) began in Crown Heights, New York on Wednesday. The gathering is attended by Chabad’s emissaries from all over the world.

Conference organizer Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky explained to Arutz Sheva that the goal of the gathering is to have emissaries come out “reinvigorated and rejuvenated. We hope that they’ll come out with greater knowledge of all the practical aspects of being a Chabad emissary and all of the aspects that have to do with being able to conduct their mission in a much more efficient manner.”

“We want each emissary to come out strengthened in his own way of life, in his own observance, and that he should be able to give over the beauty of yiddishkeit to all those that he comes in contact with in a more efficient manner,” he added. “He should be able to prepare the world to be a world of goodness and kindness, so that we should ultimately merit the arrival of mashiach.”

Rabbi Kotlarsky likened the Chabad mission to the work of a salesperson.

“There’s nobody in life that is not either in sales or in service,” he said. “We sell G-d, we sell the Torah, we sell mitzvot. It’s a very marketable commodity. If it’s packaged correctly and it’s presented properly it’s a tremendous commodity.”

“We also service,” he added. “We’re there for hatch, match and dispatch: We’re there when somebody is born, we’re there when somebody gets married, and we’re there when somebody, G-d forbid, has to leave the world. We’re there from the cradle till someone turns 120.”

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