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Police have shut down the Hebrew broadcasts of an illegal radio station, All for Peace, which broadcasts from Ramallah. The ultra-leftist station is run by a Palestinian Authority organization called Biladi,named for the PLO anthem, in conjunction with the Givat Haviva Center for Peace. 

The station's co-manager, former Meretz MK Mossi Raz, was questioned by police Thursday and the station stopped its Hebrew broadcasts on FM radio shortly afterward. The station's website says it has not been closed down, however, and that it continues to stream its broadcasts on the internet.

According to the station's website, Raz was forced to make a telephone call and instruct the station's technicians to halt the broadcasts: "The police made it clear to Raz that if he does not comply with the demand to sign and perform the call, he would be brought before a judge to remand and to be arrested and that the police will raid the offices of the radio station. Mossi Raz had to fulfill the demands of the police investigators."

MK Danny Danon (Likud) issued a statement expressing pleasure with the closure. He said that it was his request to the Minister of Communications and to the Attorney General two months ago that prompted the investigation.

"The station's content was not acceptable and the fact that it broadcast illegally made it possible for the Israel Police to shut it down," he stated.

Journalist Jonathan Dahoh-HaLevy has reported that a regular broadcaster on All for Peace voiced sorrow, in a 2010 broadcast, for the fact that the "Intifada" or terror war had ended.

Dahoh-Halevy added that the Givat Haviva Center is supported by the radical left New Israel Fund, whose support for anti-Zionist NGO's was made public knowledge by the Im Tirtzu grassroots student organization.


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