Soldiers Train Using Virtual Reality
Soldiers Train Using Virtual RealityYoni Kempinski

At the recent ISDEF 2011 exhibition, the Quantum3D company presented ExpeditionDI, equipment which is a simulation and training tool for ground soldiers.

ExpeditionDI looks like a game because it is based on gaming technology, but don’t be fooled by the “cool game” appearance. ExpeditionDI is meant to help assist soldiers to learn how to analyze the environment and work together as a team.

The soldiers, explained Quantum3D marketing director Pratish Shah, are “learning how to look around, they’re learning how to communicate. They’re using the skills to physically identify targets that they need to go attack. That’s what they’re learning in this simulation and training tool: to actually hone those skills and use them.”

Shah explained that his visit to Israel was meant to present the training tool and noted that “the interest has been enormous. We’ve been continuously busy with interested parties who are looking at this equipment. It’s the first time we’ve shown it in Israel so we’re actually very excited about the opportunity.”

One important aspect of the technology that can help the IDF is that it allows soldiers to become accustomed to fighting in urban areas.

“Whether you’re doing urban fighting or rural fighting, virtual training allows you to create a model for big cities or farmlands,” said Shah. “You can put soldiers into those virtual worlds so they are better immersed, regardless of what type of fighting they’re going to be trained for.”