Rebbe of Mishkoltz
Rebbe of Mishkoltz Israel news photo

Rabbi Shalom Berger, the Rebbe of Mishkoltz, says there is no need to attack Iran because G-d will get rid of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“In my opinion, there is no necessity to take any military action against Iran," he said in a recent lesson to students. “The wicked Iranian [Ahmadinejad], who threatens to destroy Israel, will disappear shortly, before he will have time to vent his anger.”

The rabbi explained, “G-d brings a horrible ruler against Israel. He [the Creator] brings problems on Israel in order to unite the People of Israel."

“The wicked Haman [from the Scroll of Esther] did not do anything. He wanted to, but he could not do anything. We must stop with divisions and factions and we must love all the People of Israel and care about every individual.

“This is the way to deal with the Iranian threat, just like in the days of Haman.”

The Rabbi was referring to the story told in the Book of Esther, which notes that the Queen asked to gather all the Jews, without exception , to fast and pray for her success in going before the King to try to save the Jews. They were all, from the smallest to the greatest, young and old, set to be exterminated by the king's advisor Haman. She succeeded in her mission and the Jewish sages said that this shows that when the Jews are unified, they can withstand those who wish to harm them.

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