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Fines for 12 traffic offenses ranked as “serious” are expected to rise by 50-150% in the near future. The government plans to submit a request to up the fines, and the Transportation Ministry is strongly in favor.

“The suggestion to increase fines aims to education drivers and teach them to take responsibility,” a ministry representative told Yisrael Hayom. “It has meaning as a deterrent.”

The ministry is considering a proposal that would see drivers automatically sent to court for serious offenses in addition to the doubled fine, he added.

Among the crimes which could bring higher fines soon are running a red light and blocking an intersection, which if the request passes Knesset would cost drivers 1,500 and 750 shekels respectively, instead of 1,000 and 500 today.

A private car traveling in a public transportation lane could get a 500 shekel fine, in place of the current 250, and motorcyclists would face a 750 shekel payment, not 500, for driving on the sidewalk.

In addition to serving as a deterrent for potential careless drivers, the new fines are expected to add billions to the annual budget.