MK Danon
MK Danon Israel news photo: Flash 90


Deputy Knesset Speaker MK Danny Danon (Likud) is speeding up the legislation of a bill that would make it possible to rescind the pardon given to a freed terrorist if he goes back to terror activity. 

The terrorist would then go back to jail without another trial and complete the term he had been serving when he was pardoned.

The bill passed in the first reading on May and has the backing of the Ministry of Justice. "The threat has become a clear and present one," Danon said Sunday. "The hundreds of terrorists freed in the Shalit deal need to know that the slightest slip back toward terror will put them back behind lock and key forever."

"The joy of the terror prisoners has to be mixed with fear," he explained. "Terror has a price, and the new law will make sure it is a heavy and meaningful one."

In the present legal situation, when a terrorist who was pardoned goes back to terror activity, he is no different from any other person suspected of terror. If there is not enough evidence that he committed a serious crime he will be jailed for a short period of time, if he is jailed at all. The process of investigating, charging and trying him is usually a long and expensive one.

The bill stipulates that recidivist pardoned terrorists will be tried by a speedy administrative process. If it is proven that the person has gone back to terror, the pardon will be annulled and his sentence will be reactivated. The smallest terror offense would suffice to place the process in motion.

"An offense punishable by 5 months' jail would turn into one that entails a life sentence," explained Danon. "The purpose is to protect the citizens of the state of Israel from the new threat that has formed [after the Shalit deal] and the method is extreme deterrence of the freed terrorists."


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