One of the topics of discussion at the Jerusalem Conference for English speakers, which was held Monday in the Jerusalem Great Synagogue, was the topic of connecting Jews in Israel and Jews in the Diaspora.

“Right now we are in times of tremendous opportunity,” Ari Abramowitz of told Arutz Sheva. “We have to shift our consciousness from what the Jews of the exile owe us to really what we’re obligated to give to them.”

Abramowitz added that what Israel owes Jews is the Diaspora is “the truth.”

“We need to share the truth that Israel is the most beautiful happy, incredible, uplifting life that we can have,” he said. “That’s the main message I feel we have to give to the world.”

Abramowitz called on Diaspora Jews to follow the example of Abraham, who was told by G-d to leave behind his land and his people and move to the Promised Land, and did so without hesitation.

“If there’s any message that can really inspire and teach it’s that of example,” he said. “If the best of the best in the exile come to the Land of Israel, people will see that and follow suit.”

Rabbi Shalom Gold called for “stronger ties” to be created between Jews in Israel and Jews in the Diaspora and said that the one-year programs, which bring young Jews to study in Israel, should be used to get these youngsters to remain in Israel.

“Many of them return home after a year and that’s the end,” he said, adding that “in the process of studying Torah there are ways and means by which we can connect them to Eretz Yisrael.”

“I believe with perfect faith that it’s a mitzvah to live in Eretz Yisrael,” Rabbi Gold added. “All other considerations simply don’t count anymore.”