Rabbi Ronsky
Rabbi RonskyYoni Kempinski

Terrorists who spill blood should get the death penalty, former chief IDF rabbi Avichai Ronsky said Monday. Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Rabbi Ronsky suggested that if necessary, terrorist murderers could be killed “in the field.”

“In many cases, it doesn’t need to reach a court,” he said. Soldiers could simply shoot to kill instead of doing their utmost to bring terrorists in alive, “without giving the matter too much publicity,” he explained. “It happened in the past,” he added.

The Supreme Court has ruled that IDF soldiers must bring terrorists in alive whenever possible, saying that to do otherwise is illegal assassination.

If terrorists do make it to court alive, the court should apply the death penalty, he said. The Biblical verse, “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed” applies to all of humanity, he noted.

By failing to apply the death penalty, courts are actually increasing the chances of bloodshed, Rabbi Ronsky warned. For one thing, he said, the release of terrorist killers provides Hamas and other terrorists with additional manpower, making future attacks more likely to succeed.

In addition, those whose loved ones died in attacks could be driven to vigilantism if they see killers walk free, he said. The rabbi noted that he does not personally support vigilante acts, but can understand those who turn to extrajudicial action out of despair.