Shalom Sesame has produced “Monsters in the Sukkah” to teach the mitzvah of having guests and of building the sukkah.

The video on building a sukkah includes a flashback to the time of Avraham, who welcomed three strangers, messengers of G-d, as guests in his tent, although he thought at first they were just hungry travellers.

The Shalom Sesame characters, with help from their friends, build – and decorate – a Sukkah, the temporary dwelling used during the seven-day holiday (eight days outside Israel) of Sukkot.

The Bible relates that the People of Israel lived in sukkot, temporary dwellings, during the 40 years they wandered in the desert from the time of the Exodus from Egypt to their entrance into the Land of Israel. The sukkah also symbolizes the heavenly Clouds of Glory that protected the Jews during their time in the desert.