Yossi Shushan
Yossi Shushan Ido Erez, PR

Lilach Shushan spoke to reporters Sunday after she gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday, Yom Kippur. Her husband Yossi was killed last month when a Grad missile fired by Gaza terrorists scored a direct hit on his car in Be'er Sheva.

The boy is Yossi and Lilach's third child, after two daughters, aged 7 and 4. He was born at 3.88 kg (8.5 lb.).

"They say he is a tzaddik [righteous person – Ed.] like his father because he was born on Yom Kippur and on a Shabbat," the tearful Lilach said.

"I missed Yossi throughout the [birth] process, from the beginning to the end."

Yossi was very excited about the coming birth, she recalled.  "He had waited for him. If he had been here he would not leave him for a moment," she said. "I felt him. I felt that he was with us. He had waited for a son a long time and he was so happy to have a son, yet he never even saw him."

Yossi Shushan was 38 when he was killed, on August 20. Shushan had spent the Sabbath in Ofakim with his father and became worried about his wife after hearing the air raid sirens, as an intense Hamas missile barrage struck the city. He decided to travel to Be'er Sheva to be with her – and was struck down en route.