Video shot by the Hatzala Judea and Samaria emergency services organization and published Friday morning indicates clearly that security forces had to know Asher Palmer and baby Yehonatan were murdered, and were not the victims of a road accident.

The video was published by the organization on its Facebook page, after the terror cell that murdered the Palmers was arrested.  

It shows rocks scattered on the road near the scene of the crash on Route 60. The car's windshield – a special windshield that is relatively rock-proof – is badly broken but intact overall except for one spot where a rock made a clean cut through it – right above the steering wheel.

The cameraman then spots the rock itself inside the car – its profile is elongated and with straight sides, just like the hole it punched through the rock-proofed glass. The cameraman can be heard shouting: "Look at the rock! Are you guys crazy? Look at the rock inside the car!"

Nationalists accused security forces of intentionally lying to the press and saying that the event was an accident, so as not to cause Jewish protests and possible violence on the day in which Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas addressed the United Nations. Another possibility, though much less likely, is that security forces wanted the terrorists to think that they were safe, so as to cause them let down their guard and make their capture easier.