Yossi Shushan Hy"d
Yossi Shushan Hy"d Ido Erez PR

Lilach Shushan, whose husband Yossi was killed by a Grad rocket that struck Be'er Sheva August 20, gave birth to a boy on Yom Kippur, in Soroka Hospital. 

The rocket was fired by Hamas terrorists who regularly terrorize Israel's civilian population. Yossi was in his car, on his way to pick up Lilach, when the siren sounded. He stopped the car and got out, but before he could find shelter, the missile scored a direct hit on the car and killed him.

The baby boy was one of 30 babies born in Soroka during the holiday. About 270 people were treated for fast-related health problems and for other wounds.

Yossi Shushan was the trainer of the Hapoel Be'er Sheva's soccer youth team's goalkeepers. Shushan was a goalkeeper himself, in the Ironi Ofakim team.

MK Yitzchak Herzog of the Labor party eulogized Yossi with unusually warlike words, for a secular liberal politician. "You will not defeat us," he vowed. "In the end we will defeat you, as we defeated Amalek."
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