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Our readers know it, and now Hollywood knows it – Israel National News is the place to go for the “real news” about Israel.

Forget AP, Reuters,  and the Times (New York, London, Los Angeles, etc.); according the CBS weekly series “The Good Wife,” Israel National News – also known as Arutz Sheva – is “the” place to go for objective news about Israel.

This past Sunday night's episode – the season premiere of the series' third season – involves a situation taken directly out of today's headlines; campus tensions between pro-Israel Jewish students, and anti-Israel groups. An altercation between Arab and Jewish students turns deadly when a Jewish student is murdered, allegedly by an Arab student.

In one scene, two of the series' protagonists get into a discussion of Jewish identity and support for Israel, with one accusing the other (Eli Gold, said to be modeled on Rahm Emanuel) of being “an enemy of his people” by working on a pro-Muslim project.

Gold claims that “they don't have to lose in order for us to win” (meaning that one can be pro-Israel and help anti-Israel Muslims as well), but is told by his partner in debate Michael Kahane (hmmm), head of the “Jewish League Fund,” that the two cannot coexist.

“This is a PR war,” he tells Gold. “In February, Israeli soldiers helped a Palestinian woman give birth. You wouldn't have heard about it unless you subscribed to Israel National News. Two days later, an Israeli woman gave birth in a Palestinian hospital,” he continues. “AP, Reuters, CBS, every major paper. Google it. This is a PR war and they are winning.”

The rest of the show deals with other interesting issues, such as academic anti-Israel points of view, funding for Jews in Judea and Samaria, anti- and pro- Zionist attitudes, and so on.

We can't tell you what happens in the rest of the show (if you caught it, you know; if you missed it, you'll have to wait until the rerun comes around). But clearly some Hollywood folk out there are on our mailing list, getting the news from Israel you can't find anywhere else!