Rock attack damage
Rock attack damage Israel news photo: Arutz Sheva

There was a significant rise in the number of rock throwing attacks in Judea and Samaria in August and September, with the number of rock attacks by Arabs against Jews in Yesha this September more than double the number in September 2010.

IDF statistics release Thursday showed that there were 413 reported incidents of rock attacks by Arabs against Israelis in August, compared to just 249 a year earlier. In September, the number of reported attacks mushroomed to 492, compared to just 219 in September 2010.

The number of attacks in August and September was sharply higher than those of previous months, as well. The combined number of rock attacks in the summer months was 911, compared to 601 in the two months previous.  

 It should be noted that numerous incidents of rock attacks are not reported or listed in the statistics, as only incidents in which a vehicle is damaged or an individual injured are recorded as being caused by rock throwing attacks. The number of “near misses,” in which a skilled driver is able to avoid being hit by large rocks and bricks thrown by Arab gangs from the side of the road, is probably many times higher than the actual number of reported attacks, experts said.

In recent months, there has also been a sharp increase in the number of attacks from moving vehicles. IDF officials, after initially saying that Asher Palmer and his infant son were killed in an auto accident, now admit that the two were killed when an Arab from a passing vehicle hurled a large brick into Palmer's vehicle, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and crash into the side of the road.