Atzum, a non-profit organization focused on promoting social activism and remedying injustices in Israeli society, hosted it annual Rosh Hashanah gathering for Israel's resident 'Righteous Among the Nations.'

Held at the Nagish Cafe on Rechov Haaravah in Ramat Yishai, which was founded by 'righteous gentile' Esther Greenberg, the event is intended to  send a clear message to the rescuers that their heroism and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed and that they will never be forgotten.

Of her own story, Greenberg told Artuz Sheva, "One day my father came and told us he had learned of a Jewish family and said 'they are in danger, we are going to take them,’" Greeberg said. "So he brought them home to my mother, and she was arranging evening dinner, and they stayed for two and a half years."

After the war, Greenberg said, she saw pictures of the ships filled with Jewish refugees coming to Israel and was impressed by what was happening here. "So I learned to be a nurse and decided to give my knowledge of nursing to a place like Israel.

According to Yael Rosen, Atzum's coordinator for the Righteous Among the Nation's project, there are currently 120 'righteous gentiles' who saved Jews from the Holocaust residing in Israel today who range from their late 70's to late 90's.

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