Aftermath of mosque fire
Aftermath of mosque fireIsrael news photo:

Riots in the Arab village of Tuba Zangriya on Monday night ended in severe fire damage to the local municipal building, community center and clinic. The riots took place in response to an arson attack on a mosque.

Police believe rioters may have unintentionally set fire to the buildings when burning tires in the street. The buildings were also vandalized.

Rioters threw stones at security forces, and were dispersed using tear gas and stun grenades.

A fire in the Tuba Zangriya mosque on Sunday caused light damage. After the fire, graffiti was found at the scene that read “price tag,” leading to suspicions that Jewish nationalists set the blaze.

Police have suspects in custody, but have not released information regarding their identities.

The arson has been widely condemned by Jewish leaders, including Israel’s chief rabbis. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu condemned the act as well, as did President Shimon Peres, who said Monday, “I am filled with shame for this hateful act… I believe that there is not one Israeli who is not ashamed by this arson attack.”