Doctors' strike
Doctors' strikeFlash 90

The State filed a motion Sunday with the National Labor Court asking it to determine that the mass resignations of hundreds of medical residents is illegal, and to issue orders for them to continue working.

As an alternative, the State asks that the residents be made to continue working for periods of up to two months, in order to prevent the health system from crashing.

The State said that while the residents filed their resignations individually and in handwritten letters, the resignation is still a collective one like the previous one, which the Court found illegal. "This is the same strike under a different mantle," the motion claimed.

While each resignation letter on its own appears authentic, attorneys for the State explained, the letters are "not authentic" and the circumstances surrounding them show that they are" a continuation of the organized steps taken by the medical residents."

The Court set a timetable according to which a decision would be reached by Monday evening, barrring a compromise before then.